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Enjoy The Sea

Discover the meaning of the word "thalassotherapy", introduced by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicin, to describe the healing effects of sea water. Swimming in the sea improves your mood and your overall health. Also the sea water has more minerals and a higher concentration of salt which is wonderful for your skin.

Enjoy The Sun

A daily dose of vitamin D sunshine in the mornings and late afternoons is a great way to enjoy the benefits of sun. But do not overdo it, out for sunburn. By walking, playing, laying in the golden sand of Vrasna Beach, under the sun, you are naturally increasing your energy and a perfect way to reduce stress and inflammation.

Meet The Locals

Greek people are ususally hospitable and friendly people. They like to spend time with their friends, laughing and talking. During the summer, many local cultural festivals are organized in the area of Strymonikos Bay, where you can enjoy traditional dances and music.

Nearby Resorts

Vrasna Beach is located among well-known summer resorts. Stavros, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta are very close, so you can try to walk there. Each resort has its own characteristics. All of them, however, offer a variety of shops, restaurants, taverns and cafes, to choose from for your night out.

Natural Sights

Vrasna Beach is located in an area famous for its natural beauty, its lush mountains, and of course its wet element, the sea of Strymonikos gulf, the Rihios river and the lakes Volvi and Koronia. Nearby, between Vrasna Beach and Olympiada, you will find two amazing waterfalls in a forest full of taxus, alders, lindens, beeches and wild hazels. Don't miss a visit to the waterfalls of Varvara!

Historical Sights

In the area of Strymonikos there are signs of human presence and activity, for more than 2000 years. Ancient settlements, which were part of Greek history. Amphipolis, where the fleet of Alexander the Great's campaign began and the ancient Stageira, where the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle was born, are two sights to visit.

Refreshing Coffees

The sea has always been the ideal place, every time we want to clear our minds and relax. Our area is an ideal choice to achieve the relaxation needed for your summer vacation. Along the beach, accompanied by wonderful sea views, you can find many cafeterias that offer the perfect environment to relax by drinking an iced espresso, cappuccino or frappe.

Delecious Plates

Synonymous with Greek culture, appetizers are delicious when you enjoy them on a cool terrace accompanied by the view and the sound of the sea wave. Try seafood and Mediterranean delicacies, traditional or international flavors accompanied by ouzo, tsipouro or your favorite wine, in one of the countless restaurants and taverns in our area.

Enjoy Your Daily Walk

If you are in our area, on a regular summer night, you will see hundreds of people enjoying their walk along the beach. A typical image that will be etched in your memory forever. In case you move towards to the resorts of Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta, on a route of about 4km, almost the entire route is safely done on a pedestrian zone.

Horseback Riding

A great way to get to know the nature of Strymonikos Bay and create unforgettable memories for your family is horseback riding. Visit Apollonia Ili, a horse farm just 10 km from Afrodite Rooms. Enjoy the excellent routes, for beginners and experienced riders, offered by the Macedonian Tempi, the Rich River and Lake Volvi.

Bird Watching

342 species of birds can be observed in the national park of Lakes Koronia Volvi and Macedonian Tempes! In the wetland of Vrasna Beach you can be lucky and meet herons, cormorants, dives, alkynes and other beautiful birds. You will definitely notice the hundreds of water turtles that live here! Lake Koronia and Volvi, which are 30 and 15 minutes away from Afrodite Rooms, respectively, have excellent views. Contact the Koronia - Volvi - Halkidiki Management Agency at 23940 24553 for a tour.


One of the favorite habits of summer is fishing. Along the sandy beach of Vrasna Beach you will find many amateur fishermen trying their luck during the summer months. Find your spot and enjoy it. If you do not have the necessary equipment with you, do not worry. There are several stores in the area to get everything you need.

Vrasna Beach

An ideal resort for relaxing vacation in the centre of Strymonikos Bay

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